About Atlantic Holiday Centre

Atlantic Holiday Hotel and Albatros Hotel in Tenerife are part of the Danish travel agency FolkeFerie, one of the biggest coordinators of Danish hotels and conferences, acting as well as travel agency, operating in Denmark and abroad.

With 70 years of experience in the travel market, FolkeFerie is one of the leading travel agencies and sends more than 30.000 guests on vacation every year. FolkeFerie’s travel and vacation offers includes family vacation in holiday centers in Danish coastal areas, charter holidays near and far, and business seminars and conferences.

- And, as you can read on this website, FolkeFerie also offer holidays in Tenerife in outstanding holiday apartments at Atlantic Holiday Centre.

Short history of Atlantic Holiday Center

Atlantic Holiday Center is actually one of the oldest established hotels in the south of Tenerife. The work on the building started in 1968 and the hotel in Tenerife was inaugurated by Princess Caroline Matilde and the then Danish Prime Minister Viggo Kampmann in 1974.

Up to the middle of the 80ties, the Atlantic Holiday hotel in Tenerife was originally thought of as a recreation home. The Danish state sent patients in the need of recreation to Tenerife with all expenses paid, to get well in the mild and sunny climate of Tenerife.

In 1984 FolkeFerie took over the hotel and has since owned and run this hotel in Tenerife. Atlantic Holiday Hotel was renovated and modernized in 2011 and the hotel today has 70 large bright holiday apartments furnished and decorated in modern Scandinavian style. In 1988 FolkeFerie bought our second hotel in Tenerife, the Albatros Hotel, where we have an additional 28 outstanding holiday apartments.

At FolkeFerie we are very proud to announce that we have many guests who return every year. About 70% of our guests are so satisfied with their vacation that they return.

- A fact that confirms us in our policy to make our guests 100 % satisfied with our services.

The policy of Atlantic Holiday Centre

At our complex we guarantee a high standard stay. - Due to a new, diverse program, based on new ideas, experience and utmost dedication to supply the wants and wishes of the visitor. At our company we work together as a team with joy and inspiration, continuously contributing new, positive experiences to the people that surround us. We respect the environment.